Not loving your hair lately?

Look I get it! Sis guess what? I looked in the mirror this morning and felt like Florida Evans from Good Times....... Ummm NOT  a good feeling.  Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, and you already know we are our worst critic.  Im not here to say, it's ok girl love yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful.  Sounds so easy and sometimes it works! Until that little voice in your head says a second later, Girl bye who are you fooling? Thats the voice we all want to stomp out right???  Lately I haven't been feeling to cute yall? Yessss me! Little Mrs. Positive😩 Hormones....maybe, who knows.  But Im here to let you know we alllll feel that way, all I can say is when I'm in that moment I immediately find something on my face, body, ear something lol that I like.  So this morning I decided to focus on My Lips! I absolutely love them, I think it's one of my best features.  I say that to say this, when you have that moment about your hair, do your best with it, then refocus your energy on another part of your body or face that you love and make that pop for the day, and watch as soon as you're out the door going on about your business SOmeOne yes that SomeOne will comment on how they like your hair. Whew!  Talk about sentence runnnnsss lol but this IS my blog right! So that's it for the day that's all I wanted to say. Have an awesome day Bella's! Much Love from Pür Bella Naturals!!


  • Why is my e-mail not being approve for comment? How can I get it approved. I got questions. I was once a buying customer. Essie

    Essie Brown-Nemish
  • How often do you suppose to wash your hair when you work out 3 or 4 days a week? How do you keep it moisturize after all the sweating. Looking for remedy. Please help. Essie

    Essie Brown-Nemish

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