Celebrity Visit to the Salon!


 I had the privilege to style Ms. Donna! so before Donna graced us with her presence at Pur Bella Naturals Salon i had absolutely no idea that she had never let anyone style Donna. Donna is A-Mazing may i add and you can see that in the video. But, (yes, started the sentence with but) she is def a special soul on this planet! Her love of (all good) rubs off with every word she speaks. As you follow her journey be sure to try out some of the vegetarian recipes or meals that she has, they are definitely delish!! You know Bellas saying you have natural hair should never stop at the neck, please be sure to incorporate a healthy diet, your Omegas, lots of water, and Exercise so your cells can continue to renew themselves and produce healthy hair follicles. Promise me that, Hear. (Old folk talk)😀

Though my career behind the chair is taking another focus i definitely want to take this moment to thank and give appreciation to everyone that has ever been a client! For the past 25 years I've had the privilege to come in contact with so many people. In the 90s my brother was a promoter so every Rapper or Singer that came through the Triad or Triangle I automatically was deemed their stylist. If only Social Media was a thang then....😏the stories I could tell LoL! But nothing beats those moments when you genuinely click and make friends for life. You know the old saying "Your Vibe attracts your Tribe".... has never lied. ✌🏽

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