Self Care Sunday Shop

Self Care Sunday Shop is a community hub & haven for all things Self-Care! Located in the heart of Downtown Durham (Central Park District), our shop is dedicated to enhancing the feeling and art of truly caring for oneself by offering a carefully curated selection of plant-based and non-toxic products for Curly Natural Hair, Skin, Body, Home and Pets... designed to combat stress, burnout, and mental stress.

The items selected in the store are always being updated to what's needed for the reason and season! Be sure to make Self Care Sunday Shop your Favorite go to when it's time for that day of reset! And Yes! We have products for Men & Women. See you soon! 

Here's a list of what to expect when you visit out store:

  • Hair care and skin care refills on soaps 'n suds
  • Household cleaners
  • Washing powders
  • Natural Immune Boosting Teas
  • Scented Candles
  • Journals
  • Bath items

Natural Skin Care Products


Natural Hair Care Products