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At PürBella Naturals, we take pride in developing top quality hair care products with unique formulation.

Our products are handcrafted & developed by hairstylist Lashanda "Shan" DeBerry, whom for over 20 years has been a Natural Hair Care Therapist & Licensed Master Cosmetologist. Armed with the education of herbs and love of aromatherapy at a very early age, Shan has developed an array of products for the salon and home that create healthier hair from a cellular level.

With the healing & therapeutic benefits of plant extracts and high quality essential oils and butters our products create a harmonious blend between hair and scalp. We say NO to synthetic harmful chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances. We are committed to providing you healthy, natural products that your whole family can enjoy! 

Natural Beauty is obtained by using the components given to us from nature. With the proper use and maintenance, beauty can be achieved at all levels without compromising health. At PürBella Naturals we define "being natural" as not only a hairstyle, but a Lifetsyle. Whether you have chosen to go Natural, wearing Protective Styles, Transitioning, or Relaxed, PürBella Naturals is your number one resource to maintaining a healthy natural lifestyle. Our company was established to create hair care products that symbolize true R & R – repair and regeneration. PürBella Naturals products go deeper than the surface layer of the hair, but nurture the cells that are producing healthy hair follicles.

PürBella Naturals is an herbal therapeutic hair care product line because our recipes are made of 100% plant based ingredients. We take pride in using plants, vegetables, and herbs whose essences will naturally improve your hair. Our unique formulas were developed based on salon and research studies to ensure that ingredients are complimentary to each other. In addition, we're constantly making new batches of products to keep them fresh & to maintain our standard of quality.

PürBella Naturals is for the entire household – both adults and children – and all hair types. If you desire to transform your hair from lifeless, slow growing, dry and brittle to alive, thicker, shiny and manageable, then PürBella Naturals is the product line for you.



What We Do

At PürBella Naturals, we are committed to creating top quality, all-natural hair products for your all-natural lifestyle. With over 20 years of experience in cosmetology and 25 years of experience in aromatherapy, all of our ingredients are chosen with purpose. We are especially focused on preserving all the natural compounds in our ingredients, rather than processing them into something that's not found in nature like other brands do. 

Our products are non-toxic, and we say NO to animal products, synthetic alcohols, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colorants, and synthetic fragrances. 

Over time, products containing water (aqua), aloe juice, distillates, or extracts emulsified with oils or butters naturally become contaminated with elements that are harmful to our hair and body such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, and mold. This is a natural process that is common in many mainstream products which makes the product unusable and toxic to your natural lifestyle. Through extensive research, development, and testing, PürBella Naturals was able to identify a variety of natural, safe and effective preservatives for our products. Our products are made with 0.5% to 1.0% of natural inhibitors and antioxidants to help preserve the quality of hair care products for our customers.

PürBella Naturals combines the healing and nutritive benefits of plant extracts and whole food ingredients with the advances of science to create healthy, complete products that are safe, effective, and gentle on all hair types.


Why Choose Us?

Most health & beauty products in the market contain artificial enhancers, harsh chemicals and ingredients that cause harm to the body, even if they are marked “All Natural”. Our products are made with 100% pure essential oils that are usually diluted in other brands. We understand the importance of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for the purpose of penetrating the skin and cell membranes almost immediately, causing the hair and scalp to balance without harmful side effects of chemicals and toxins which is found in other products. 

PürBella Naturals was developed with the goal of creating a pure & healthy alternative to the harsh chemicals in mainstream products, and offering holistic and therapeutic hair care practices. We encourage the use of natural products, on your hair, on your body, also in your home, but with PürBella Naturals – not only is your hair and scalp healthy but your lifestyle is too.

Please look forward to more lifestyle products for health and home being added as available!

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