PürBella Naturals' products are handcrafted by Lashanda "Shan" DeBerry, a licensed master cosmetologist and natural hair care therapist for over 20 years. Shan's expertise in herbs and aromatherapy led to the development of our plant-based hair care products, which promote healthy hair from a cellular level.

We avoid harmful synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, and fragrances, and instead use the healing benefits of plant extracts, essential oils, and butters to create a harmonious blend for hair and scalp. Our commitment to natural and healthy ingredients makes our products safe for the whole family.

What We Do

PürBella Naturals promotes a natural lifestyle, providing hair care products made entirely from plant-based ingredients. Our formulas are developed based on research and salon studies to ensure effective and complementary ingredients.

Our products go beyond the surface layer, nurturing the cells producing healthy hair follicles for repair and regeneration. Choose PürBella Naturals for a healthy, natural approach to hair care.

Why Choose Us

PürBella Naturals offers a healthy alternative to harsh chemicals found in mainstream health and beauty products. Our products are made with 100% pure essential oils that penetrate the skin and hair without any harmful side effects.

We encourage the use of natural products for a healthy lifestyle. Try our products and experience the change for yourself. Stay tuned for more lifestyle products for health and home.

Our Commitment to You

Our products are created from scratch by a Licensed Cosmetologist, using professional science-based formulas. We are committed to providing Non-Toxic and Cruelty-free products, and we also offer hair care tips and education to help you care for your hair.

Our aim is to provide you with the right products that will inspire confidence and help you love your beauty.

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