Q:  How will Rejuvenate assist in my hair needs?

A:  All hair types, no matter the length or texture, have issues and challenges. Rejuvenate has been salon tested and proven to help improve elasticity, shine, hair growth, moisture balance, dry scalp, and split ends.  Whether you are natural, transitioning or relaxed, Rejuvenate’s plant based properties will aid in cell regeneration of your hair follicles.

Q:  How do I use these products?

A:  All directions can be found on side or back of the products.  With rejuvenate be careful not to over apply as with any oil.  Use 2 to 3 drops and massage in from root to tip.  Style or use as a hot oil treatment.

Q: Will HairDro Therapy work while wearing weave, extensions, or locs?

A:  Hair Dro Therapy was actually created for those who choose to wear any type of protective style; That includes extensions, braids, locs etc.  Usually you will wash your hair weekly or bi-weekly.  When wearing protective styles, it’s a tendency not to shampoo as often.  A few sprays of HairDro Therapy and your scalp becomes cool, nourished, and itching is soothed. Your scalp is clean and ready to be moisturized with a few drops of Rejuvenate. 

Q:  Can my kids use these products?

A: PurBella is safe for the entire family.

Q:  How do I use Pur Silk?

A:  Only a dime size of Pur Silk is needed.  Apply after hair has been shampooed and conditioned.  If desired and hair is damaged, please use leave in conditioner.  Dry hair 70% then proceed to blow out.  Add another dime size of cream if necessary.  Finish blow out with comb attachment for root smoothing. Continue with styling of hair using flat iron, and add a couple of drops of rejuvenate for desired smile.

Q: How should I use Rejuvenate? 

A: You can use Rejuvenate daily as a topical scalp treatment, or you can use as a treatment during your conditioning process. Depending on your individual needs, you can add 3-5 drops of Rejuvenate to your conditioner before use. It can also be used at home or the salon as a hot oil treatment. For stubborn flyaways, place a drop in your hand and rub downwards to seal the ends of your hair. Determine how much you need to get the desired effect without making your hair too "oily". 

Q: How long before I see results? 

A: Each persons scalp responds differently to treatment.  Depending on which phase your hair growth is in, and the way you care for your hair and scalp with massaging and proper use of products. Many have experienced hair growth and improved condition of hair from building an effective hair regimen. Results vary. 

Q: Will this work on relaxed or chemically altered hair?

A: While we encourage our patrons to wear their hair in a natural state, this is not the option or choice of many. We respect that. In our formulations each product is handcrafted and designed to enhance the hair follicle and roots with the properties of nature.  So yes we feel our products will help relaxed and chemically altered hair reach a healthy state.