Know Better...Do Better. A Salon Visit from Youtube's ToNaturali

I had to pull this video up ya'll because some of you are probably right where Tonaturali was. Afraid to trim your hair. Huh! It use to puzzle me why so many women were afraid to go to the stylist and get a much needed trim, untilllll it was my turn to go. I decided to treat myself one windy day in November. Just got a good pedicure done, even stopped to get an Ice Cream Sundae.... From Whole Foods of course..(clears throat) Anywho, I wanted to get my ends trimmed nothing major, I had already blown my hair out so there's nothing much that could have went wrong.

Had to start a new paragraph for this one. Hunny! I was so indulged in our conversation that i didnt pull out the mirror and look during the process like i usually do! Chile he turned me around to that mirror! Girl! I had a Queen Latifah.....before she started pressing her hair. (smh) i simply asked for my ends to be trimmed. So Bella'

s I understand your plight. Believe me. I say that to say this, find a trusted stylist that is licensed to cut, Natural Stylist we love you, but you know those license don't allow you to use scissors.....quit beating these heads up out here with these bad cuts. Find someone that is trained in natural hair, look at their work and ask them to turn you around to the mirror while they cut. Tell them Shan said so. Lol. Enjoy the Vid. Pause it and come back if need be, it is a tad bit long. Be sure to stock up on your products if you haven't already. Guess What??? They will be back available next week. The wait is finally almost over. Thanks again for your patience with my delay! Have an awesome day!! Oh and go on YouTube to check out some of Tonaturali's Vids she is super sweet!

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