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How Can I Tell If My Hair Needs Protein?

Had a protein treatment lately? In order to grow hair needs protein, amino acids and a good dose of vitamins. If your hair is limp or weak or you are about to have fun and get a new hair color then you definitely need a protein treatment!

Here are a 5 tips to let you know that your hair needs protein: 

1. If your hair is highly porous.

2. If you have lost elasticity, your hair may be breaking mid shaft or simply hard to curl. 

A great way to check this is to wet a strand. Stretch it, and if it bounces back to original length without breaking then it is balanced. If it looks limp or breaks it needs protein.  

3. Hair is stringy or limp.  May be drooping or feels gummy and spongey when wet.

4. If you have recently colored or about to. 

5. Losing hair but not from the root. 

A quick home recipe that you can do at least once a month along with using a balanced shampoo and conditioner #rosemarysageconditioner and #rosemarymintshampoo .....

Try this: 

1 tbsp Gram flour

1 banana blended with distilled or reverse osmosis water

Blend apply to freshly shampooed hair and let sit for 20-30 min

Rinse Condition and style

Banana juice provides the vitamin dose, amino acid and gram flour is the source of protein.   With this you get healthy, bouncy hair that is strong from the roots. 

Enjoy! Be sure to visit the site and stock up on your shampoo and conditioner.  If you are a client check your email for the new rewards program and start earning points!

Have an awesome week and talk to you soon!!

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