Full Product Set- Enjoy them all!  (6 Products)

Full Product Set- Enjoy them all! (6 Products)

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Saw Tabitha's video? In this bundle she used our Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Sage Conditioner as def one of her favorites. This full set also includes Hello Curls, CoCo Fresh Leave in Conditioner, Curly Tings Gel and now our new addition Vanilla Rain.

Did you know?? We've revamped all of our formulas to focus on that one thing that matters most?....Hairgrowth! We've searched all over and now are importing ingredients that truly moisturize, define, and stimulate those follicles for growth.


Can't Decide? This package contains the main staples of our line to get you started on the right track!  Plant Based Haircare packaged together for your complete hair care needs! 

Tips: If you have very dry hair, check your diet first. Be sure to get your Omega's, plenty of water and Fruits n Veggies. Yes these matter! Then make sure your water is not hard or at a higher ph than normal, you may need to install a filter. Next be sure to give your self deep conditioning treatments and steam treatments if you can. Keep your ends trimmed (professionally) and use enough product on your hair! ENJOY Oh yeah here are a few good sealant oils try: Shea Oil (not butter) Avocado Oil Castor Oil or Sunflower Oil, these oils will also help give your hair good healthy plant proteins!!


This product is Nut Free, Gluten Free and Wheat Free. (We are not responsible for any allergies or reactions)

All products contain Paraben and Formaldehyde-free ingredients and preservatives.