Peace FourNine

Hi! My name is Monica. I am the Owner of Peace Fournine LLC. Our church did a series in January 2020, Anxious for Nothing. We spent a lot of time in Philippians Chapter 4. During this time, racial tensions were getting high. There were also rumblings about the coronavirus. To help deal with my anxiety and fear, I would read Philippians Chapter 4.

 I knew I was not the only person feeling this way and seeking peace. I was on a mission to make a change. I prayed about how to make an impact and start more conversations about peace. Peace Fournine LLC. was birthed and opened on June 19, 2020

 The support our business has received during a global pandemic is nothing But God. We appreciate every purchase, like, comment, and referral. To know our vision of spreading God, peace, love, and joy is happening through our products is a blessing. I cannot wait to see where God takes our business.

Peace and Blessings!