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Co Fresh Leave-in Conditioner (MAX 1 per order)

Co Fresh Leave-in Conditioner (MAX 1 per order)

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(Now enjoy the added moisture of coco fresh as a cream!)  We hear alll day "I loooove this stuff!". The fresh coconut aroma and the way it instantly softens and detangles the hair is hands down the best thing for anyone with hair. Men, women, kids, heck put it on your dogs if you want! Full of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids it instantly penetrates and keeps your hair (curls) soft all day. Want to soften and curl your extensions? This is also a go to. Key Ingredients: Herbal Infused Water, Coconut Milk, B-Panthenol, Aloe, Marshmallow Root Extract and a Synergistic Blend of Oils and Extracts designed to penetrate the hair shaft and bring out the healthy! Go ahead treat your hair and lessen the pain of detangling for yourself and family.

No sulfates, parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colors.

Plant based ingredients!

5 Key Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Agave, Bamboo, Avocado Oil, and Banana Extract.