BLACK FRIDAY SALE!-BLÖ Vegan Blowout & Silk Press System aka Pür SIlk

BLACK FRIDAY SALE!-BLÖ Vegan Blowout & Silk Press System aka Pür SIlk

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Who's ready for a healthier vegan,  blow out & silk press alternative for their natural hair, that actually last longer than 2 days and will help strengthen and grow your hair? That's free of Silicones & Formaldehyde? When it comes to heat-styling, curly, coily and textured hair requires extra TLC. A blowout that contains Brazilian, Keratin and Formaldehyde products in the hands of the wrong stylist, or done incorrectly at home  can leave textured hair fried, frizzy, permanently heat damaged, and flat. That's why hours and months were spent in the lab to create Blö. Can you feel the excitement? Blö is a vegan, earth-based elixir created by a licensed  cosmetologist that straightens the hair safely with vegetable based proteins, enzymes, mushrooms and amino acids. Can we celebrate finally an alternative for a healthy natural hair blowout!!! Did you know that keratin comes from animal hooves, fur, nails, feathers, hair and horns. 🤢 Who wants to walk around with that on their hair, while also damaging your curl pattern,  and with it only lasting 2 days? 🤷🏽‍♀️  I certainly don't want my Bella Fam doing that! Blö is  formulated to straighten your hair during the blowout and flat iron process only with a few pumps. The proprietary  key added ingredients are formulated to straighten, moisturize, strengthen, silken, shine and add lots of body. Customers Blowouts and Silk-press are  lasting up to 2 weeks. When first tested on my client, on the  15th day it was still straight! Unfortunately though that's remarkable we DO NOT want you going that long without shampooing your hair. Ok? ...Ok! This is the salons #1 styling process that finally will aid in the health of curly hair, not damaging the curl pattern, when using proper styling technique and tools.

As always blowouts should be done on clean hair (clarified for best results) and conditioned from mid shaft to ends. This is a Reverse Osmosis water based elixir so only a few pumps per section is required on clean towel dried hair. Have little queens with a head full of hair? Cut your styling time in half with the blowout process with Blö....guaranteed!

Key Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Proteins - Bamboo - Mushroom enzymes and Synergistic Blend of Oils and Extracts designed for healthy hair. 

We sell out quickly so please check back periodically! Welcome to The Bella Fam!