HairDro Therapy

HairDro Therapy

Hair Dro Therapy was formulated to Soothe Itching, cleanse scalp, and stimulate hair growth.  It is aloe based, which is a healing agent and aids in cell regeneration of the scalp. Also contains witch hazel which is an astringent and anti-inflammatory which helps anyone suffering from dry inflamed scalp or eczema. Nettle leaf, comfrey root, and plantain extract are all plant healing properties that aid in making this product one of the best you will find on the market.  This product is designed for all ages and all styles that need the proper relief if the head is not able to be shampooed at the moment.  Also great for seniors to cleanse scalp if they are unable to  get to salon on a regular basis.  Enjoy!! 

To Stop Itch:

Hold bottle 1 inch away from scalp, spray directly onto scalp and let penetrate. 

To Cleanse Scalp:

Spray directly on scalp and wipe gently with cotton pad.  


If using this product while wearing extensions be sure not to saturate braid base but to actually allow spray to wet the scalp.  Afterward a warm blow-dryer may be used to dry any excess spray.  




This oil is mineral oil, petroleum, paraben, and fragrance free.  All of which aids in exposing our body to toxins.  This oil is plant derived and 100% organic.  All oils used are pure not watered down with alcohol.  Rejuvenate is made for all hair types, whether relaxed, natural, or transitioning. Made to moisturize , treat and boost natural luster and shine. Rejuvenate is designed for the entire family. Men and children can use in the same way as grooming agent for scalp and hair to aid in dry itchy scalp or thinning hair.

To Moisturize:  

Apply 10 drops or more throughout hair and scalp.  Massage from root to tip.

Before Blow Outs:

Apply up to 5 drops of oil in hands, rub together and dispense throughout the hair while still damp.  Depending on length more may be required.

Treating Damaged Hair  (Thin Hair, Alopecia, Dry Scalp, Damaged due to Chemical use):

Use 3 times per week. Apply 10 drops throughout entire scalp area with dropper.  Focus on areas that are experiencing the damage.  Massage scalp thoroughly.  Blood Stimulation aids in hair growth so put those finger tips to work.

For Shine:

After blow out is complete or hair is dry by hooded dryer, apply 3-5 drops (depending on hair length) to palms, rub together and apply to hair from shaft to ends for needed shine. Remember oil spreads once heat is applied so less is more.  Don’t overuse or hair will become over oily and limp, as with any overuse of oils.


Pür Silk   

This product is designed to make the blow out process smoother and to soften, and straighten cuticle layers to allow you to wear curly hair straight, without losing the curl pattern. Do not use flat irons on a higher setting.  If you are not a stylist and would like to achieve the best results, it is best to refer this product to your stylist or allow someone to do the process so full benefit can be achieved.  This product was designed for natural hair but can be used on relaxed hair in smaller portions to extend life of relaxer. Do not overuse, overuse will result in over oily, limp hair.  Pur Silk can be used along with Pur Bellas leave in conditioning detangler. Do not allow any products to get in eyes, though all products are natural some essential oils are not designed to take internally, these are meant for external use only.  Please consult physician if suffer from allergies. Do not use if pregnant.  If itching occurs discontinue use.

To Straighten:

Apply a dime size to palms. Apply to conditioned and towel dried hair from root to tip.  Continue to massage throughout hair as product will spread.  Dry hair up to 70% then proceed to blow dry with brush and blow-dryer.  After complete apply another dime size if needed and use comb attachment with blow-dryer to smooth roots.  For smooth wrapped styles use a soft brush to mold style and dry wrap, this is an option not required.  Continue to flat iron and style.