AirestDion Skin Therapy

AirestDion Skin Therapy is an herbal skincare collection rooted in indigenous wisdom.

Our products are a rarity in the skincare industry as they are free of the top 5 hydrolipid barrier disruptors- preservatives, emulsifiers, surfactants, colors/dyes and fragrances.

Over time, these 5 common skincare ingredients break down the skins natural protective barrier (hydrolipid barrier).

A compromised hydrolipid barrier is one of the main causes (outside of poor nutrition) for the skin imbalances we see today including- irritation, redness, dryness, dehydration, premature aging and acne.

Not only do our products protect the skin's delicate hydrolipid barrier, but they actually work synergistically with skin biology to rebuild and repair it.

Our small batch, organic preparations are also pH balanced, non-toxic and acne-safe.

This makes our entire collection suitable for all skin types/conditions— including sensitive, acne-prone and those pregnant and nursing.

By tapping into the power of Nature in the form of hydrosols, herbs, clays, oils and raw honey, our indigenous skincare remedies cultivate a clear, even complexion while improving overall skin health.

Get stared on your natural journey to clearer skin and better health below!

AirestDion Skin Therapy